SK6812 LED Strip

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Products Introduction:

soft shrinkable tube waterproof Digital LED Strip
soft shrinkable tube waterproof Digital LED Strip
Products Features:

Item Number HY-5050-30
LED Type SMD5050
LED Quantity 30Leds/M
Pixel Quantity 30Pixel/m
IC Type WS2812B/SK6812
 (IC Built in SMD5050 RGB LED)
Singal Protocal  SPI (Data,GND,Positive)
Wattage 9W/M
PCB Size 10mm width, 
Length 5Meters /Reel
Working Voltage DC5V
Light Color digital RGB,Each LED individual control
IP Grade IP20:Non waterproof with 3M  tape 
IP65:Soft glue Cover LEDS,3M tape 
IP66:Soft tube waterproof Or Soft Shrinkable tube wateproof
IP68:Soft tube+Glue filled waterproof 
PCB Color White ,Black
Working temperature -20 to 60°C
View Angle 120°
Life Span >50000hrs
Product Warranty 2 Years

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