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Nine Advantages of Flexible LED Strips

Source:Shenzhen Magic LED Lighting Co.,Ltd.(Shenzhen Hurilite Co.,Ltd.)      Date:2015-11-06
 1.Flexibility: Flexible LEDstrips use very flexible FPC as board, the board can be twist and not break, it is easy to shape and can meet the needs for various advertisement shape.

2.Pure color : Flexible LEDstrips use high bright SMD LEDs as light source, for example, the brightness of white flexibleLEDstrips we make can reach 4600~5000mcd. With so many advantages of LED light source such as pure color, soft, no glare, our LEDstrips can be used for both decoration and lighting.

3. Low heat: The light source of flexibleLEDstrips is LED, because the power consumption of single LED is very low, generally 0.04~0.08W, so the heat is much. LEDstrips can be use as decorative lighting in fish tank and will avoid creating a lot of heat which will increase the temperature so as to harm the growth of fish.

4.Energy-saving: The power consumption per meter is only 4.8W for 60leds/m SMD3528 Flexible LEDstrips and 7.2W for 30leds/m SMD5050 flexibleLEDstrips. Compared to traditional lighting and decorative lights, the power is several times lower, but the effect is very good enough.

5. Green: The materials of flexibleLEDstrips are LED and FPC who are made of environment-friendly and recyclable materials; this will not result in pollution and destruction to the environment due to large scale use.

6. Long Life: The normal lifespan of flexibleLEDstrips is 80,000~100,000 hours, if work 24 hours everyday, their lifespan will be nearly 10 years. So the lifespan of flexibleLEDstrips is several times of traditional lamps.

7. Wide applications: Because of the advantages of soft, thin, pure color and so on, flexibleLEDstrips are widely used as decorative lighting for building, step,bridge,hotel, KTV and advertising signs, various animation, advertising design and so on. Wish the development of technology of flexibleLEDstrips, the application of LEDstrips will be wider and wider.

8. Safety: Flexible LEDstrip light use low voltage DC12V power supply, so it is safe. No matter elderly or Children can use them safely.

9. Easy installation: The installation of flexibleLEDstrips is very easy, they can be installed in many places with a fixed clip, truck, wire, iron nets. What‘s more, because flexibleLEDstripss are light, thin, and so double-sided tape can achieve the function of fixation. Without professional people for installation, people will enjoy the pleasure of DIY decoration.

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