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Installing LED Strip Lights  .
Simply follow the steps below and you will have the lights up in no time. 

Step 1. Pre-Planning

Pre-plan and measure the location where you would like to apply the lights.

Step 2. Clean The Surface Area

Wipe the area with a clean rag to ensure the surface is clean from any dirt and debris. 

Step 3. Peal Back The Adhesive Tape

Peal back the adhesive tape from the back of the strip light. Make sure you only peal 1 metre back at a time to ensure the tape doesn‘t catch debris or fold over. 

Step 4. Begin Applying The Strip Light

Slowly put pressure on the strip light as you press it down onto the surface where you would like the light to be. 

It is recommended to apply the lights at corners or edges of surfaces, to ensure the strip is applied straight.

Step 5. Make Them Stick

Once the light is on the surface. Slowly run your finger along the entire strip again to make sure the entire length of strip is stuck properly. 

Step 6. Connect The Power

Connect the power receiver to the LED strip. The power receiver and LED strip will have arrows to display the connection point. 

Then connect the power receiver to a powerpoint and turn on the power.

The lights can be cut at the specially marked areas to customise the length. 

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